August 16, 2022

Home Selling Tips From Jerry Armen

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Jerry Armen®
Home Selling Tips From Jerry Armen

Listing your property for sale is no easy feat. Between making small (or large) repairs, meeting with realtors, accommodating open houses, negotiating the sale price, and finding a new place to call home, there is a LOT to worry about. Trusted real estate expert, Jerry Armen from Team Rock Properties in Glendale, CA explains how he makes his clients feel at ease throughout the entire selling process.

“Our methodology to selling homes with the best offers is something TRP is known for. In addition, I put an emphasis on maintaining a positive relationship with my clients throughout the listing process as well as after my sellers have closed and moved into their new homes. The follow-up we give all clients is not something most real estate companies do, and we are certainly proud to offer sellers this level of service within the fast-paced industry that is real estate”.

One of the most important things to look for when hiring a real estate agent in today’s market is their ability to price your home well. Recently, we have found that buyers are a bit wearier than this time last year due to rising interest rates and they are also not too keen on overpaying. Finding the right list price will ensure that your home closes quickly and no one is twiddling their thumbs 6 months down the line with no takers. Jerry Armen can be a trusted advisor in this regard as well.

Jerry and his team have helped many families list and sell their homes efficiently, not lacking attention to detail. If you are thinking of selling, contact Jerry with Team Rock Properties today to get started!

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